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Marketing Plan on Rip Curl, Australia

Number of Words : 2938

Number of References : 9

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 Introduction 3
 Mission Statement 4
 Situation Analysis 4
 a. Internal environment 4
 i. Products 4
 ii. Financial and non-financial situations 5
 iii. Channels 5
 b. External environment 6
 i. Markets 6
 ii. Competitive environment 6
 iii. Economic environment 6
 iv. Demographic environment 7
 v. Social and cultural environment 7
 vi. Political and legal environment 8
 vii. Technological environment 8
 c. SWOT Analysis 8
 i. Strengths 9
 ii. Weakness 9
 iii. Opportunities 9
 iv. Threats 9
 Marketing Objectives 10
 Marketing Strategy 10
 a. Target markets 11
 b. Product strategies 11
 c. Pricing strategies 11
 d. Promotion strategies 12
 e. Distribution strategies 12
 Recommendations 12
 Implementation plan 13
 References 14


– Rip Curl founded in 1969 by two surfing enthusiasts, Doug “Claw” Warbrick and Brian “Sing Ding” Singer in Torquay, Victoria, has to day grown on to become a multi-national, multi billion dollar company. It started with surf boards, then wet suits and today it has a wide range of products from clothing to accessories. Rip Curl has believed in producing quality products and i8n doing so it has adopted the best technology and ideas. In the four decade journey the founders have not forgotten their roots and even to day surf and board sport is their core focus. Their philosophy of search is the driving force behind their success. ‘Live the search’ has given them an identity and also it has helped them to connect with its customers. Rip Curl has sponsored various professional surfers, soul surfers and it also has promoted the sport by conducting events like Rip Curl Pro. The company has grown on to become an international brand and their distribution strategy has to be appreciated. Rip Curl sells its ideas, designs and technology to other company to make and sell goods for Rip Curl. Today 9 licensees make and sell Rip Curl Products across the globe. Focus strategy that they have adopted allows them to concentrate on quality and pricing is only given second preference. <br />The author recommends Rip Curl to venture into new markets, make better use of e-commerce and to promote the sport of surfing on a global stage. <br />

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