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Article on rising fuel prices

Number of Words : 425


 Introduction on increasing price of petrol
 Microeconomic issue of Fuel pricing
 Alternative view of Petrol prices increase
 Normative view of rising fuel prices
 Positive view for increased fuel prices


This article discuses a microeconomic issue. It talks about the <b>increase</b> in the <b>price</b> of <b>petrol</b> and talks particularly of oil industries. The <b>increase</b> of <b>price</b> of <b>petrol</b> is because it has a very high demand but the supply is limited. The OPEC (oil producing and exporting countries) have formed a cartel leading to a Monopoly in the production of <b>petrol</b> and due to the <b>increase</b> in the <b>price</b> of <b>petrol</b> and demand of its substitute L.P.G. is increasing.<br />

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