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Comparison and contrast of Robens and pre-Robens occupational health and safety legislation

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 Introduction 2
 Pre Robens Occupational Health and Safety Legislation 2
 Robens Committee Report 3
 Comparison of Robens and Pre Robens Occupational Health and Safety 4
 Conclusion 6
 References 7


Ever since the industrial revolution of the 1800s, the need for occupational health and safety was felt. (CCOHS, 2003) It was because, although the industrial revolution helped produce and manufacture goods in very short periods of time, it also resulted in a drastic increase in the number of accidents leading to injuries and fatalities to those compared before the revolution. There were very little or no safety practices in place since equipments and machinery was manufactured at a faster rate than the procedures in place for their safe practice. It was only with experience that workers learned to carefully work with the machinery leading to accidents and mishaps in the meantime. <br />

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