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Critically analysis on the role and importance of transfer in evaluating training outcomes

Number of Words : 4563

Number of References : 18


 List of Figures 3
 Introduction 4
 Literature review 6
 Training Transfer and Its Importance 6
 Learning Theories 7
 Use of learning theories in designing and delivering training and development 8
 Figure 1: The Learning Triangle 9
 Significance of the wider environmental context in formulating HRM strategy 9
 Figure 2: Environment and Strategy 10
 Critical Analysis 10
 Organizational approach to training and development 11
 Role of stakeholders supporting training transfer strategies 13
 Critically assess forms of evaluation of training and development 14
 Critical analysis of the role and importance of transfer in evaluating training outcomes 16
 Figure 3: The important steps in evaluation of training 16
 Figure 4: system model of training impact evaluation 18
 Conclusion 19
 Bibliography 22


This report is based on the following criteria – <br />Holly Hunter once stated: "Training tranfer eans that learners are able to tranfer the knowledge and skills learned in a training session back to their jobs. The importance of training tranfer cannot be overephasized; organization spend bilions of pounds each year on training, yet only a fraction of that investment results in improved performance, particularly if training transfer is not supported by the employer. Effective traning design incorporates learning goals and adult learning principles that enhance succesful transfer, ultimately leading to improved indivdual and organizational performance."<br />Critically analyse the role and importance of transfer in evaluating training outcomes. Discuss how transfer can be supported before, during and after training. Identify key stakeholders to support transfer strategies. Evaluate and debate using cases and examples.<br />

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