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Report on the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report in analysing the financial performance of a firm

Number of Words : 3632

Number of References : 17


 Introduction 3
 Tools to examine the financial performance of a firm 3
 Comparative Analysis 4
 Trend analysis 5
 Common size analysis 5
 Financial ratios 6
 Cash Flow Analysis 7
 Fund Flow Analysis 9
 Performance assessment through Corporate Responsibility Report (CSR) 10
 Brand image 10
 Human resource management 11
 Risk management 11
 Strategic position 11
 Real-life Examples 12
 Conclusion 13
 Bibliography 15


This report is based on the following question – <br />The Annual Financial Statements of an organisation are considered to be the most important source of data in order to evaluate a firm’s performance. However, in the last years, many firms have decided to disseminate corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports. Discuss what tools you have to examine the financial performance of a firm and how the information typically provided in a CSR report can improve your analysis.<br />

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