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Essay on ‘Role of leadership in constructive organizational change’

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Leadership can be studied and analyzed from a number of perspectives. As a process, leadership is complex and has several layers attached to it (House, 2004). In order to obtain a clear idea about the definition of an ideal leader and leadership, pertinent questions should be raised (Schein, 2010). This is important to explore the role that leadership ideally plays, in a given situation or condition (Schein, 2010). Through this case study and literature review, the significance and effectiveness of the role of leadership in changing the internal culture of an organization has been assessed. It is widely believed that in an organization, leadership plays a pivotal role in transforming the workplace culture (House, 2004). The attitude and behavior of the leader clearly reflects through the culture that is maintained in the organization. However, there are instances when a leader has to mould his or her personality and attitude according to the prevalent culture of the organization (Schein, 2010). But, on the other hand, leaders themselves take initiatives to transform the organizational culture according to their own perspectives (Schein, 2010). Such instances clearly reflect the exact role that leadership plays in changing the culture of an organization.<br />

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