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Essay on Role of management functions in shaping organisational success or failure and discussing how the external and internal environments affect these management functions

Number of Words : 2063

Number of References : 8


 Introduction 3
 Concept of Management 4
 Management Functions 5
 Planning 5
 Organizing 5
 Leading 5
 Controlling 6
 Impact of Planning and Leading on Organizational Performance 7
 Planning 7
 Leading 7
 Impact of Internal Environment on Planning 9
 Strengths 9
 Weaknesses 9
 Impact of external environment on Leading 10
 Opportunities 10
 Threats 10
 Conclusion 11
 References: 12


To start with, the purpose of this particular report is to highlight the concept of management and mirror the four key functions of management namely; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Moreover, it also attempts to explore how two management functions i.e. planning and leading, influence the organisational performance. Further, it provides an insight into the impact of internal environment on planning and impact of external environment on leading by making use of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) technique. All the facts and information presented in this particular report have been collected from several sources such as books, online journals, articles etc. <br />

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