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Thesis on the role of Social media in service of maintaining the brand value of luxury goods with key focus on Chinese market

Number of Words : 9513

Number of References : 60


  Chapter 1 – Introduction
  Chapter 2 – Literature review
  Chapter 3 – Methodology
  Chapter 4 – Discussion
  Chapter 5 – Conclusion


Social media is a tool for the marketing strategies to maintain the brand value. However, there are many threats for these brands in the market; therefore, marketers should make use of the laissez faire approach towards the social media, especially if the social media is arising as an influential tool (Reyneke, Pitt & Berthon, 2011). The purpose of this thesis is to find out the extent to which CHANEL can make use of the social media to promote their luxury goods and create a brand value. There is a great scope of social media in Chinese market for selling the luxury goods; therefore, selling with the social media is the most influential step for appealing the Chinese market towards luxury goods. Both primary and secondary data is used to support the thesis and to get the accurate findings. <br />

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