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Report on the Role of Wikis in Knowledge Management

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  Wikis in corporate world
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Knowledge Management is the most demanded and critical function or task within every organisation today, whether it is small or big. Intellectual property and knowledge attached to it at every step is critical for corporate today as human talent or manpower is not secured at all. Job swapping is extremely common a phenomenon and that is applicable across the world. A knowledge bank in a firm helps in optimum utilisation of resources and brings up efficiency of cost, time and manpower. Every firm today as a Wiki which is a knowledge bank, some in a small and un-mentionable format and some in a proper shape and size but Wiki as a concept is there with every individual working in the firm and the market as knowledge is what they gather through their work. Wiki is primarily collaboration as well as a communication tool on the web or portal which is formed to use for learning and knowledge by organizations to create a learning environment. If knowledge management is clubbed with technology, that is what Wiki is all about. Hence, it is easy to use, understand and get acquainted to. As the society is growing and getting technically strong and acquainted, concept of Wiki increases. <br />

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