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A comprehensive proposal for project funding towards Ross River Virus Disease

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  Early outbreaks and discovery of Ross River Virus (RRV)
  Effects of Climate change on RRV


In Australia, there has been an increasing research interest in the assessment of major determinants of RRV transmission. To identify current knowledge gaps and research needs, we critically reviewed the impact of climatic and environmental variability on the transmission of RRV disease. This proposal provides a comprehensive harmful effects caused by RRV in anticipation of apt funding to encounter the damage it tends inflicts on society at large.<br />Literally speaking, Ross River Virus (RRV) is a small single-strand RNA alphavirus endemic generally caused by mosquito borne in the regions of Australia, Papua New Guinea and other islands in the South Pacific. This virus is predominantly known for causing Ross River fever inflicting mostly native Australian mammals and occasionally horses. The disease is also termed as "epidemic polyarthritis" (Harley 2001)<br />This exploratory report tends to acquaint with RRV related concept and presents a concise proposal to get funding towards this cause. It begins with a description of discovery of RRV followed by the problem it is creating on human health and how the virus is affected by climatic change. The final section synthesizes the information to draw conclusion.<br />

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