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Situational analysis of a company named “rub a dub Car Wash”.

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 Situational Analysis
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 Key success factors
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The paper outlines on the situational analysis of a company named “rub a dub Car Wash”. The rub and dub car wash company has been in to existence for the last 30 years. The company is a leader in hand car wash from the traditional tunnel cloth wash. The company is ranked as 5th in providing the best services to the customers. They have a highly trained staff that provides the best ever car wash services in the whole of Australia. Rub a dub wash car has RACV approval for washing the cars with utmost hand care which is highly appreciable. The company works on the philosophy and company mantra of: maintaining the car of the customers with care to time spent, money invested and eco friendly service environment. <br /> The various hand wash services offered by the staff at rub a dub car wash include:<br />Hand wash of the car, cleaning the interiors and windows by dusting, vacuum, using a soft cloth for drying purpose and hand washing of the exteriors of the car too. The paper will highlight on the external and internal factors of the company which will influence the decision making process. <br />

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