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Assignment on Sales Planning and Operations

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Scenario <br />Colin Hendrix and his brother James run a successful car dealership in Dorset and Hampshire. They have a garage with a showroom and workshop for servicing and maintenance of customer vehicles in every major town. Recently, over the last year, sales of new and second-hand cars have been down. Although the brothers understand that this may be due to the economic recession they are also concerned as many experienced sales staff have left and the current sales force is made up of very inexperienced staff. The brothers want to focus their sales force again on selling to personal customers and also to businesses who wish to buy fleets of vehicles. <br />Task 1 <br />You work for Strategy Solutions Ltd as a consultant and you have been called in to advise the Hendrix business by preparing a marketing strategy report which will look at the role of personal selling by the sales force. Your report needs to consider : <br />1. how selling by the sales force supports other promotional activities <br />2. how different customers (personal and business) make a buying decision <br />3. the role of the sales force in the overall marketing strategy for the Hendrix business <br />. <br />Your report should be written in a suitable business style and should link any academic theories/studies to the business including appropriate research on personal and business to business selling (B2B) as it relates to the case scenario. It should be no more than 1500 words (+/- 10%) excluding bibliography/references and appendices. <br />Task 1: Business Report <br />1 Explain how personal selling supports the promotion mix (LO 1.1) <br />2 Compare buyer behaviour and the decision making process in different situations (LO 1.2) <br />3 Analyse the role of sales teams within marketing strategy (LO 1.3) <br />

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