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Marketing assignment on SATS Holdings

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  Marketing situation analysis
  Marketing problem identification
  Identification of possible solution
  Evaluation and choices of solution
  Implementing a solution


SATS is one of the most leading fitness chains in the Nordic region. It has a total of 115 fitness centres which are wholly-owned with about 259000 members and there are around 39 fitness centres which are being operated on a license or franchise basis, mostly under the Spenst brand. SATS is the second largest fitness chain in Europe and the largest in Nordic region in terms of wholly owned fitness centres. SATS fitness centres are located in larger towns and cities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Its expanding every year by adding new fitness centres. SATS is present in most of the large towns and cities in the Nordic countries. This geographical concentration provides an excellent opportunity to make the most of the market potential in the area. SATS is dedicated to a continuous effort to improve its environmental performance and thereby reduce its environmental load. The Company’s primary initiatives in the service of the environment are to reduce its emissions to the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, conserve energy and water, and influence its members and suppliers so that they in turn will minimize their own environmental impact. The operations as such do not pollute the external environment.<br />

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