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Essay on the topic - Recruitment process- Discuss the scientific and non scientific way of recruitments and conclude that the scientific way of recruitment is the best way for the companies

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  Scientific recruitment process
  Non scientific method of recruitment
  Scientific method – Best Method of recruitment


For any organisation, the most valuable asset is the human resources. In order to attract and retain the right candidate an effective recruitment process is much essential. Recruitment process is preceding the selection process through which the right candidate is selected. It is process through which the sources from where the manpower could be found. It co ordinates with the various departments and projects the number of vacancies that are to be filled in the organisation. It also attracts the manpower in sufficient quantity so that the suitable employees could be chosen from the lot, during the selection process. It is a method which facilitates the potential employees to be drawn towards the organisation (Cokins, 2009). This results in the receipt of many number of applications from the applicants who are interested in working for the said organisation. Then during the selection process the organisation selects the suitable employees according to their requirement. It is a method which facilitates obtaining the applicants for the jobs from among whom the right people could be selected. This paper discusses recruitment process in the context of both the scientific and unscientific methods. It also analyses about the recruitment process which is best method for the organisational growth<br />

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