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Export strategy report for the Scotland’s sea food industry

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Number of References : 8


 The report contains the below mentioned issues the company must consider in developing an export strategy. Issues such as
 a) Product and packaging
 b) Country selection to export
 c) Market entry strategy
 d) Pricing and payment terms, payment risks and security.
 e) Promotion, marketing and distribution.
 F)Motives for International trade.
 g) How can the company finance international development and few methods.


Trade fairs (2003) are particularly important to the Scottish seafood industry, and it's estimated that sales at the European fair in the last two years alone were worth more than £20 million. Successful seafood companies, whether large or small, are capitalizing on the international appetite for their wares.<br />The destinations can be everywhere with most of western Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada and Mexico.<br />The Scottish salmon farming industry as a whole contributed £150 million to Scottish food exports in 1999 producing 127,000 tonnes of which some 30,000 tonnes were exported to France, with other export destinations including the United States, Japan and other EU countries.<br />Consumer demand (2003) for salmon in the UK alone has nearly trebled over the last ten years, with consumption rising by around 185% – from 31,000 to 88,500 tonnes; and worldwide demand for fish has increased by at least an extra 30 million tonnes in 2010.<br />

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