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SWOT analysis of Second hand mall, an online shopping website

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 The need of SWOT analysis 4
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 Need for SWOT analysis 5
 SWOT analysis of the Second hand mall 6
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The second hand mall is an e-business to help people to buy or sell second hand products through its website. The owners of the company had enabled the process of satisfying the unique requirement of the target customer group. Generally the transactional process becomes costly via efforts like advertisements etc to get hold of or to sell of used products. This company has made the transaction process more cost effective and more time saving for its customers. <br />The range of products available in this website is large and varied, giving more options and exposure to its customers. The customers are given the gift of joining Second Hand Mall by just registering into the website and that to free of cost. The website also facilitates the option of “Chat” for the users. This enables the users to each other via emails and telephone so as to make the transactional process more trustworthy (About US.Second Hand Mall). The system facility makes the transaction system via this website more effective and efficient. The website essentially provides assistance in building a sound platform for the users for transaction of second hand products. The website also focuses at reasonable pricing for the products. The owners of this e-business makes it a point that the price they are displaying at their website for the transactional purpose should be worthy of the product and offered at best price to the potential customers.<br />The website also helps the customers by providing them various services. They help the customers by facilitating loans for buying products (Kidd, 2001). The website also has the option of providing help for insuring their goods. Second Hand Mall is also very particular about the quality of the goods and service they are providing. The Website has the system for quality checking as well as the value analysis of the product they are dealing with. This quality management is ensured by the website for its customer for its customer group (Services. Second Hand Mall).<br />

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