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Essay on the selection criteria of an expatriate for an overseas assignment

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 This assignment is based on the following description –
 It is argued that technical ability, cross cultural suitability, family requirements (including those of dual career couples) and host country language skills are critical criteria that must be considered in the selection of an expatriate for an overseas assignment.
  Part One.
 Discuss and critically analyse the importance of each of the criteria mentioned above in the selection of an expatriate employee.
 Part Two.
 Describe which elements of the selection process can be used to evaluate a candidate’s strength in each of the criteria.


The concept of international human resource management with special reference to expatriate employees sent on projects abroad has received a lot of attention from academicians and practitioners since it emerged in the 1990s. The recent literature survey on international human resource management highlights that the number of expatriate employees sent on overseas projects have been increasing rapidly. The multinational companies are sending employees on international projects to keep themselves on the top gear. The excessive growth in the number of employees sent on international projects have encountered a number of issues relating to cross culture functionality, advancement in technology, skill sets, work culture and performance management. <br />The comprehensive essay is divided into two parts in which the first part talks about the challenges faced by the expatriate employees sent on international projects and the strategic role of international human resource management in improving organization’s performance. Many organizations consider expatriate management and international human resource management as synonymous. The first part of the essay highlights on the expatriate employees and cross border issues for a significant period of time. The survey shows that expatriate employees are the most expensive employees sent on international assignments and IHRM covers a broad spectrum in addition to management of expatriates. The part two of the essay also talks about selection measures to judge the employees and if it meets the criteria of selection. <br />

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