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Article on Sensitivity analysis of Top Rank product

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 Financial Investment advisors
 Analysis of finance investor’s psychology
 Reasons of poor response of individuals in last 2 years
 Comparative analysis of processes followed by other financial consultants
 Documentation required to be maintained by individual clients
 Changing perception about professional approach in advising the client
 Other services which could be offered to attract new financial investors
 Challenges face in the finance service sector and strategies to be followed for the same
 Examples of successful financial consultants
 Conclusion on finance consulting
 List of finance consultancy References


This paper provides solution to the following assignment description – <br />You are into the practice of <b>Financial Consultancy</b> for last two years. A number of prospective individual investors approach you for investment advice & <b>consultancy</b>. However, very few of them get converted into actual investors. You are analyzing the reasons for such lukewarm response of the individuals. You want to expand the client base with a view to become a well known Investment Advisor & <b>Financial Consultant</b> in next 2 years.<br />You are required to carry out a SWOT Analysis covering the following aspects:<br />1. Analysis of investors’ psychology.<br />2. Reasons for poor response of individuals in last 2 years.<br />3. Comparative Analysis of Processes followed by other <b>Financial Consultants</b>.<br />4. Documentation required to be maintained for individual client (Confidential Client Profile).<br />5. Comment on what is your perception about Professional Approach in advising the client regarding Personal <b>Financial</b> Planning and maintaining Investment Portfolio.<br />6. Other services which could be offered to attract the new investors.<br />7. Challenges faced in this service sector & strategies to be adopted to face the same.<br />8. Give examples of 2 successful <b>Financial Consultants</b> that you know, and also throw light on the factors responsible for their success story.<br />Profile).<br />

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