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Article on Sensitivity analysis of Top Rank product

Number of Words : 1289

Number of References : 5


 Introduction on Sensivity analysis excel
 Sensitivity analysis features within Microsoft excel
 Need of Add-in product in Sensivity analysis
 Tool bar of Top rank and their description
 What it can do or cannot do
 Arguments in favor & against of this product
 Limitations of what if analysis
 Bibliography on Sensivity analysis


You have been approached to write an article of not more than 2,000 words for the Australian CPA (the journal of CPA Australia), to give their readers (mostly busy professional accountants) a brief and non-technical evaluation of the TopRank product. You should: introduce <b>sensitivity analysis</b> in general; briefly describe the feature that allows it to be performed within standard <b>Excel</b> and identify the limitations of this feature; discuss the need for an “add-in” product such as TopRank; describe the product in terms of what it can/cannot do; briefly discuss arguments for and against using the product; and identify who would use the product and give examples of what type of application they would use it for.<br />

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