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Critical examination on the view that ‘Service Management is so distinctive that it requires a special approach, set of concepts and body of knowledge

Number of Words : 2939

Number of References : 10


 Executive Summary
 Introduction & Definition
 Characteristics of a Service
 2.1 Five distinctive characteristics to a service management
 The 3Ps of Services Management
 3.1 People
 3.2 Processes or Procedures
 3.3 Physical Evidence
 Service Delivery Model
 4.1 Service Strategy
 4.2 Service Design
 4.3 Service Transition
 4.4 Service Operation
 4.5 Continual Service Improvement
 Special approach to Service Management & Critical Analysis
 List of References


It is ancient that consumers would be satisfied with only a tangible offering i.e. product. Today the want a plethora of service too with it. In fact new business environment and consumer demand requires intangible more than tangible today. A product sale is termed incomplete till it is packaged with strong pre and post sales service. Therefore, we have chosen this topic that Service Management is not only a separate discipline to study today but its processes are distinctive. Production of a product is process oriented but delivery of service is equally crucial and needs a specific and carefully designed process. The intellectual property build in Service Management is unique and are strategic assets for organizations today. <br />

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