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Analysis of the Marketing Strategy for Service Online

Number of Words : 4023

Number of References : 10


 SWOT Analysis 3
 Strengths and Weakness 3
 Opportunities and Threats 3
 Implications 4
 Business Objectives 4
 Mission Statement 4
 Generic Business Strategy 4
 Financial Objectives 4
 Marketing Objectives 5
 Marketing Strategy 5
 Description of Target Market 5
 Market Positioning 6
 1. Product / Service Strategy 7
 2. Price Strategy 8
 3. Distribution Strategy – Place of sale 10
 4. Promotion Strategy 10


SO is a new entrant in the online services market and is aiming to double its market share (from current 11%) by 2013-14 by creating a new marketing strategy for its services aimed at individual home owners looking for reliable, cost-effective help in locating tradespersons for repairs / work around the house. To achieve its business objectives, SO needs to differentiate its services from competitors by focussing on communicating its value proposition of a high quality, reliable, pre-vetted service at reasonable prices with a fast turnaround time. It can also attempt to generate more stable revenue streams through customer loyalty programs, long term membership packages and referral programs. Since trust among targeted market is often an issue with new online service providers, SO can provide a more personalised and accessible face to clients through online call centres (using gTalk and skype) and a telephone helpline. The ongoing quality of its services can be monitored through regular pruning of its database of tradespersons based on client feedback.<br />

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