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Assignment on several kinds of bridges and their designing

Number of Words : 2321

Number of References : 4


 2.0 Bridge and its requirements
  3.0 How bridge works in different environments
 3.1 The beam bridge
 3.2 The trusses bridge
 3.3 The arch bridge
 3.4 Additional structure
 4.0 Environmental challenges for bridge construction:
 5.0 Bridge construction design steps:
 5.1 Steel bridge building:
 5.2 Covered bridge building:
 5.3 Earthquake safer bridge:
 6.0 Conclusion


In this paper, the light is thrown upon several kinds of bridges and their designing, which factors are pondered upon while designing scrutinizing the bridge and how the environmental factors are scrutinized while making a bridge design. The first part of this paper throws light upon different elements which are contemplated in order to make a bridge, including span, material, placement and form of the bridge. The second part throws light upon three different kinds of fundamental structures that are used in order to formulate bridge design, including beam, truss and ach structure. The third part of this paper gives an overview of what challenges the architect has to face while designing a bridge and the last paper gives the example of bridge designing from three perspectives i.e. steel made bridge, covered bridge and Earthquake Bridge. The entire paper is developed keeping the scholarly articles and journals in view.<br />

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