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Analysis of the article - Shifting Paradigms - From Newton to Chaos

Number of Words : 1474

Number of References : 7


 Abstract 2
 Introduction 2
 Author and the Hypothesis 2
 Initial Observation 3
 Newtonian Science vs Chaos Theory 3
 Comparative Advantages 4
 Research Technique 4
 Conclusion 5
 Works Cited 5


Traditional science of management focused on analysis, forecasting and control while the new paradigm keeps its focus on chaos, density and the complexities that organisation faces. The scientific management approach shows that with the alteration from industrial age to the information age, the managers became desperate with the unstableness or volatility of the global business environment (Freedman, 1992). In that perspective, the differences of the paradigms set by Newton’s Laws and the Chaos theory or the so called Quantum theory in a managerial aspect is discussed here. <br />

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