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Report on Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme (SNI) change management – Human Resource & People

Number of Words : 3472

Number of References : 16


  Background to Siemens & Change Management
  Diagnostic model
  Intervention for change
  HR – People Management for Change
  Conclusion & Recommendations
  Implementation of plan


– Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme (SNI) is one such organisation which has gone tremendous organisational change. Question now arises what this change is and why change has become so important? In laymen terms, Organisations are not same all time. And so is SNI. It too has to adapt to the changing needs in era of globalisation. <br />Roping in these complex phenomena of change and its impact on human resource particularly; this report focuses on Siemens transition to lead it to a new beginning. First section deals with why and when change is required in an organisation in context to literature review and how these theories can be applied to Siemens. To delve more into the concept, a ‘diagnostic model’ has been built for SNI to explain in depth the problem and how and what organisation could do to bring upon the change to instil success towards the company growth. ‘Intervention for Change’ is third part and will deal with the identification of the aspects related change required in the Siemens. The role of leader in intervention of change has also been given emphasis in this section. Fourth part of the report will cover the ‘HR-people management for change’ in the Siemens office. ‘Recommendations’ along with ‘Conclusion’ has been given in fifth part followed by final part i.e. ‘implementation plan’. <br />However, certain limitations came across while compiling this report. First, is that this company has been merged with the parent company and hence data got mixed up. Secondly, reliance on company profile only with lesser data available on this particular division and then connecting it to literature. A direct link with human resource and few of change agents would have made this report more realistic.<br />

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