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Dissertation proposal on the Similarities and Differences between Contract laws of Indonesia & Australia

Number of Words : 1308

Number of References : 10


 1.0 Introduction 2
 2.0 Research Purpose 2
 2.1 General Purpose 3
 2.2 Personal Purpose 3
 2.3 Practical Purpose 4
 3.0 Literature Review 4
 4.0 Research Questions 5
 5.0 Hypothesis 5
 6.0 Scope of Research 6
 7.0 Research Methods 6
 8.0 Content Analysis 6
 8.0 Research Plan 7
 10.0 Conclusion 7


Dissertation is a thesis work done by applying the topics, subjects and theories studied in the course. The focus of the proposed dissertation is contract laws prevalent in Indonesia and Australia. The proposed dissertation aims to study the similarities and differences between contract laws in Indonesia and Australia. The purpose of the research is to establish the current contract laws practiced in Indonesia and in Australia. Australian contract laws more or less mirror those practiced in the western world. However, the contract laws in Indonesia are essentially derived from Adat laws. Thus there is a huge difference between the approaches of these two legal systems. The dissertation aims to study the impact of these laws on businesses in Indonesia and Australia. <br />The research work includes both qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative methods include the analysis and review of literature available on the selected topic of dissertation. Quantitative methods include survey by using questionnaire of industry and law experts in both the nations. Statistical computations and analysis are carried out on the survey results and with the help of the literature analysis, the answers to research questions are arrived at. <br />

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