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Comprehensive paper on skills required for effective management

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  SWOT Analysis
  How to improve management and leadership skills?
  Impact of learning style on personal development
  Cause and Effect Diagram
  SMART Goals Analysis
  Personal Development Plan
  How Can I Put Into Practice What I Have Learnt?


A good manager is an asset to the company and he can lead the company towards prosperity. Kashmira Lad (2008) has rightly stated that a good and effective manager must have all the good leadership skills. There is a misconception in the market that leadership is all about dominating others. But that is totally a wrong concept. A good manager can guide his or her teammates properly so that they can perform well.<br />In order to guide his teammates well, a good manager must be willing to compromise and be able to take decisions as and when required. An effective manager must be self motivated and self controlled. He must have a general tendency of maintaining good relations with others and must have the emotional maturity and the internal strength to fight with frustration, disappointment and stress. This will ensure that he can communicate with anybody whenever needed. He will be able to motivate his team members to a great extent and they will really enjoy working under him. Another biggest attribute of a manager is that they must have a consistency in behavior. A good manager has a general tendency of encouraging their staff in the form of praise and encouragement and can point out their mistakes in a friendly manner. An efficient manager must always treat people with respect and that helps to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace. In this way, he can motivate his entire team and can also maintain a very cordial office atmosphere.<br />In spite of his friendly attitude towards people, an effective manager must also be mentally very strong internally. Many tough situations arise and they must be able to handle them quite efficiently and effectively. His subordinates may lose their nerves, but he will have to remain cool and sail the boat smoothly out of the crisis. He will have to perform as per the English proverb which says, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.’<br />As far as professional skills are concerned, a good and effective manager must be able to implement time management quite effectively in his office affairs. While describing the time management attribute of the manager, Kashmira Lad (2008) has described that a good manager must be able to plan a schedule and shall be able to divide time properly between tasks. Through regular supervision of his staff, he must ensure that time management is being followed quite effectively. He must be able to identify the mistakes of his staff from an objective point of view. Not only will the company get immense benefits from it, but the manager will also be an asset to the organization. Every organization sets a certain amount of tasks and goals in a financial year and those goals are subdivided into monthly targets. A good manager can effectively meet his monthly targets and hence the company can also reach its desired goals quite easily.<br />A good manager can move up the ladder to a great extent if he is a good visionary. He must be a practical man who is very much aware of the goals and vision of the entire organization and can lead the organization to reach its desired goals in a smooth and practical way. He must have thorough knowledge of the industry to which he belongs and this can really help him to take effective decisions. He must see the organization as a whole and should also see how it interacts with other organizations. If he is a good visionary, then he will be able to guide his team and also the company in proper direction.<br />

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