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Research report Skills shortage and Talent attraction and their impacts on the organization

Number of Words : 3529

Number of References : 17


  Literature Review
  Best Practices and Issues
  Discussion and Analysis
  Conclusion and Findings


This assignment is based on the following requirement – <br />This assignment requires you to conduct research based on an actual organization you can have access to. Your aim is to find out strategies the organisation has chosen to achieve competitive advantage via human resource management.<br />You may choose to address ONE (maximum TWO) of the following four topics, which are related to the contemporary HR issues discussed throughout this subject study:<br />1. Skill shortages and talent attraction and retention;<br />2. Work-life balance and its impact on employee development and career management;<br />3. Corporate governance, executive pay and pay-for-performance<br />4. Healthy and safe workplace culture across national borders for a multinational company<br />This option of assignment task is designed to provide you with an opportunity to apply the knowledge learnt and developed in the subject study to the practical case analysis on key contemporary HR issues. You are encouraged to speak to HR personnel and/or managers/employees in your own organisation or in the one you are familiar with; or to be reflective on what you have been doing if you are in the HR and line managerial role. This is to ensure that you conduct a thorough analysis and are able to draw out organisational strategies to address the specific HR issue (s).<br />

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