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Critical analysis of Smith & Caughey’s – a retail organization in New Zealand

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 This essay answers the following questions using the example of Smith & Caughey’s – a retail organization in New Zealand
 Question 1
 Describe the relationship between the government, employers and employees in New Zealand organisations in your chosen sector. Pay special attention to the primary participants in the ER and HR system. Use theoretical models to analyse the links between HR and ER and critically discuss the functions of HR, in this sector. Critically discuss the issues of inter-dependency you can identify between HR and ER management that have been addressed by means of the Employment Relations Act (ERA) of 2000. Does it improve or restrain relations between labour and management in your chosen sector? Use the HR architecture model to point out any implications for employers or employees it had or could have in your chosen sector.
 Question 2
 Does your chosen sector have Company, HR and ER policies? Draw up such policies to reflect your chosen sector's effectiveness, cost-benefit, organisational culture, discipline and performance management while still being acceptable to both top management and the relevant trade unions. Compile an approach that your chosen sector could follow to ensure that SHRD will enhance your chosen sector’s performance. Compile and elaborate on approaches that your chosen sector should or could follow to measure alignment of HR and organisational goals.


The volatile global environment today thrives after a mode which not only leads them to perpetual sustenance but a promised success. It is for the same reason that the management of human resource has become ever so important as it plays a vital role in determining the success of the organization. Integration of human resources, practices with the company policies and agendas is the ever growing mantra of every industry across the globe.<br />Through the lens of the a small blossoming retail store in New Zealand we will look at how standard of quality, productivity and efficiency is managed by the employees and employers. We will be analyzing the relation between the two, their interdependency and the overall impact of their relation on the proficiency of the organization. The focal would be determining how this threefold structure manages the business in this particular sector where the relationship between employer, employee and government defines the backbone. Further to that we would be looking at the role of HR and constituents playing key role in the ER and HR systems at function here, how they depend on one another and the way it impacts the management and company as a whole (Bowen and Ostroff, 2004). Finally, we would be assessing the implications of incorporating HR architectural model and study the probable outcome. <br />

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