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A case study of Sol Melia and requisite marketing strategy of Best Western Hotel in context to its findings

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  Executive summary
  Part 1 – Sol Melia case study
  PEST analysis of Sol Melia
  Analysis of Sol Melia by Porter five forces
  Analysis of its competitors
  Part 2 – Marketing report
  Identifying the marketing strategy for Best Western hotels
  Developing marketing strategy for Best Western hotels
  Projected outcome of the marketing strategy


This report attempts to analyse SolMelia thoroughly and apply the findings to the Best Western hotel critically. Through the case study of Sol Melia, pointers for development of the future scope of Best Western Hotel have been sought. Sol Melia is the largest hotel operator in Spain (it was established in 1956) and a leader in the market. A look at its history has been beneficial to investigate into the pros and cons or the strengths and opportunities of the establishment in the market. In the face of Helms-Burton law Sol Melia came in a threatening position but looking at its strengths, its concern towards environment has been very strong. The result can be easily seen through its 2007 performance when Sol Melia exceeded its objective of raising an annual amount of 100 million Euros in revenues through asset sales. Sol Melia’s success can be credited to its excellent communication and relations that it maintains as well as to its easy adaptation and adoption of latest technology (SAPR3 technology). Luxury Destinations and Hospitality Business Solutions have been identified as the key marketing strategies for Best Western Hotel (BWH). Development of these strategies requires pinpointing of increased and more diverse accommodation offers and maximization of customer satisfaction through customer relationship management. The projected outcome of the implementation of these strategies is indeed positive. It not only promises to add value to the hotel reputation but also strengthen its base thereby, increasing the profits. In the face of cut throat competition, it is essential to adopt these forward looking strategies for the hotel. The BWH can gain an added advantage through these accommodation and customer relationship management relationship.<br />

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