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Marketing Dissertation on Sona Castings Pvt Limited, an Indian Steel company

Number of Words : 11148

Number of References : 28

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 Introduction 5
 Sona Castings Pvt. Ltd – A Case Study 7
 Company 7
 Operations 8
 Competition and Markets 8
 Competitor Analysis 9
 Analysis of Sona Castings 10
 7 Ss of Sona Castings 10
 Skills 10
 Strategy 13
 Staff 15
 Structure 17
 Systems 18
 Style 19
 Shared values 21
 Synergistic Teams 22
 SWOT Analysis 24
 Strengths 24
 Weaknesses 25
 Opportunities 26
 Threats 27
 Porter’s Market Forces as applied to Sona Castings 27
 Supplier Power 28
 Buyer power 28
 Threat of new entrants 29
 Threat of Substitutes 30
 Rivalry 31
 Global Steel Industry – An Overview 31
 Indian Steel Industry –An Overview 34
 PESTEL Analysis of Indian Market 37
 Political 37
 Economical 37
 Social 38
 Technological 38
 Environmental 39
 Legal 39
 7Ps of the Target Market 40
 Product 40
 Price 41
 Place 42
 Promotion 43
 People 44
 Packaging 45
 Positioning 45
 Marketing Communication Plan 46
 Organizational Restructuring Plan for Sona Castings 47
 Sona Castings Expansion Plan 48
 Production Enhancement Plan 48
 Upgrading of Equipment & Increasing Manpower 49
 Projected Revenues after Production Expansion 49
 Conclusion 50
 References 52


As businesses have evolved over the decades so are the management sciences. Many researchers, management Gurus have put across their ideas as to how an organization has to be run. The theories and concepts derived out of vast experience of that management experts work in real life management situations most of the time. However, there are times when even with careful planning going by the management books does not work. Similarly, an organization, which operates contrary to the management theories, flourishes. The reasons for such occasional failures of well planned organizational processes and success of an unorganized company can be many. Irrespective of the reasons, exceptions do exist. One such example is that of Sona Castings Private Limited, India. The company, without proper organizational structure and without marketing efforts is flourishing thanks to the high demand for steel castings and steel ingots in the market. The company is an established brand among the local buyers and suppliers due to its reliability. The company does not have a marketing department and yet the organization receives orders over the phone and castings and ingots are delivered depending upon the availability of the stock. The company does not advertise at all. However, the current high demand may not last long. And if the organization has to survive amid stiff competition in view of possible decreased demand in future, it has to make some fundamental changes to the organizational structure. There is also displeasure among junior workers due to dominance of long term serving senior workers. Given the volatile nature of Indian workers and their unions, the discontent might translate into strikes and lockouts. In order to avoid all these possibilities, this report suggests Sona Castings, a threefold change to the organization. The report first dwells on the Indian steel market, analyses strengths and weaknesses of Sona Castings and then makes recommendation to Sona Castings to migrate from hierarchical organizational structure to team organizational structure. The report also suggests Sona Casting to have a full-fledged marketing department. The report provides a marketing communication plan to Sona Castings. The report then finally provides a business expansion plan of the existing unit to cater to the present high demands of the market. The paper then suggests Sona Castings to tap steel markets of other Indian states. <br />

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