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Assignment on Expansion of Southwest airlines into Indian Market

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  Executive Summary
  About South West Airlines
  South West Airline’s competitive strength
  South West Airline’s strategies
  South West Airlines in India
  South West Airline’s financial strength
  South West Airline’s operations in India
  Management issues facing South West Airline
  Evaluation of the strategy


South West Airlines is one of top most domestic air service based in Dallas, Texas. It has the pride to be one of the airlines that record to have run in profit for the 35th consecutive years, even at the time while the whole of the aviation industry was experiencing a great negative set back. It also has a very solid record for its safety issues. Main strategy is to provide a high quality customer service coupled with the low cost airfare. Its success could be contributed to its effective generic strategies like motivating its work force and it firmly believes that if it takes care of its employees, they would in turn make their customers happy. It also operates only one single aircraft, Boeing 737 so that it could save on the training and maintenance cost. Also its operations are characterized by the short hauls, point to point flights. It also adapts the strategy of starting the services in places where the competitors have cut back their service. In order to expand to international market, it chose to enter Indian sector by entering joint venture with Jet airs, which is also the market leader in Indian aviation sector. When the knowledge of the Jet airways about the Indian consumer is combined with the technical knowledge about running the organization successfully on low cost and high quality customer service strategy they could definitely win the Indian market. <br />

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