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Report on the Spaghetti Organizational Structure using Oticon case study

Number of Words : 4422

Number of References : 20


 Executive Summary 3
 Introduction 4
 The Key OB Issues 5
 Major Problem Statements in Regards to OB Concerns at Oticon 6
 Organizational Structure 6
 Change in the Organizational Structure at Oticon 8
 Changing Process and Change Management 9
 Oticon Change Management 10
 Motivating the Employees 11
 Employee Motivation at Oticon 12
 Change in Organizational Culture and Working Environment 13
 Change in Organizational Culture at Oticon 14
 The Spaghetti Organization 15
 Conclusion 15
 Recommendations 16
 Bibliography 18


In this context, the case of Oticon has been analyzed in this paper to comprehend how successfully the enterprise has applied and integrated the conception of change management and organizational developed. In terms of establishing the change and development in the organization to cope with the changing demands in the market and to be more innovative to contribute better products in the market to gain competitive edge. The top management of the organization took a unique step through their revolutionary idea of establishing a spaghetti organizational framework. The process of integrating the change and the OB concerns related to the organizational development is being assessed in the paper. <br />

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