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Marketing Plan on SportsGirl Australia

Number of Words : 2972

Number of References : 10

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 Introduction 3
 Mission Statement 4
 Situation Analysis 4
 a. Internal environment 4
 Products 5
 Financial and non-financial situation 5
 Channels 5
 b. External environment 5
 Markets 6
 Competitive environment 6
 Economic environment 6
 Demographic environment 6
 Social and cultural environment: 7
 Political and legal environment 7
 Technological environment 7
 c. SWOT analysis 7
 Strength 7
 Weakness: 7
 Opportunities 8
 Threats 8
 d. Critical issues 8
 Marketing Objectives 8
 Marketing Strategies 9
 a. Target markets: 9
 b. Product strategies 10
 c. Pricing strategies 10
 d. Promotion strategies 10
 e. Distribution strategies 11
 Recommendations for Change 12
 Implementation plan 12
 References 14


Sportsgirl Australia has established itself as Australia’s most successful fashion brand over the past six decades. Their products are funky and fresh and target the modern day women. Sportsgirl has been to reinvent itself over a period of time and that has been the reason for its success. The challenges and competition of the fashion market has made Sportsgirl even stronger and it has emerged as a better brand. Sportsgirl has more than 100 retails stores across the nation and recently it opened its flagship store in Melbourne. Sportsgirl takes great care in making the shopping experience more pleasant by its live music shows and celebrity events at t\its stores. The flagship store is not just a shopping place and also a hangout. Sportsgirl has also used e-commerce to the best effect by making online shopping available for its customers. It also has effectively used social networking site like , and to promote and advertise its products. Innovation and creativeness is sports girl main strength. Its weakness is that it only concentrates on one section of the public. The financial position of the company gives them the freedom to venture into new markets. The growing competition from local and international brands is a major threat to the company. The main objectives the company are to increase their customer’s online experience and to maintain and enhance Sportsgirl’s brand leadership.<br />The recommendations made to the company are:<br />• To venture into new markets<br />• To involve all age groups in their marketing strategy<br />• To venture into other aspects of fashion and entertainment<br />

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