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Business plan for St Andrews University

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 Quick Facts
 Products & Services
 Market Analysis and Synchronization
 Education system of Singapore
 Operational Arrangements
 6.a Target Market
 6.b Mission & Vision
 6.c Location
 6.d Staffing
 6.e Academic Programs
 6.f Quality
 6.g Niche market (Local vs International)
 6.h Financials
 6.i Subjects offered
 6.j Pricing & Free Program
 6.k Breakeven Analysis
 Competitive Advantage & Strategies
 Critical Analysis & Conclusion
 List of References


– St Andrews is one of Scotland's first university and third oldest in the English speaking world of UK which was founded in the year 1413. St. Andrews, for over six centuries has established a great reputation for itself as one of the Europe's leading and one of the most distinctive centers for teaching as well as research. The university has 8000 student counts offering courses or subjects like Philosophy, Physics & Astronomy, German, Film Studies, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, French, Psychology, English. The University is ranked the 14th in United Kingdom and second in Scotland. The University not only offers great education system but also immense facility for research and development. <br />As a part of the expansion plan, and grab the opportunity of expansion of education system across the world, especially in the Asia Pacific zone, St. Andrews, plans to expand its operation in Singapore. <br />The opportunities are high in the Asia Pacific zone and Singapore is a central place, which attracts a lot of population from various parts across the world. Singapore works as a global destination which connects a lot of other parts of the world as well. A tourist destination brings in a lot of foot fall and the economy of the nation is very high. <br />As the place attracts a lot of young crowd and is quite centrally located, St. Andrews University decided to open a branch operation in this destination only. The objective of this action is not only to make the brand visible and gain profitability, but at the same time, spread the techniques and processes propagated by St. Andrews University across various parts of the world. This began with a destination like Singapore as this is one of the key locations of the Asia Pacific zone (APAC) as APAC is the most promising destination in the globe in the next decade to come. <br />The project below gives a business plan or an objective plan to clarify or curve out the actual objective of this action for the institution as well as for the society of education as well. The mission and vision of St. Andrews University, Scotland, is to spread the unique processes of education system across and bring about the best practices in limelight. The objective is not only to look at students as mere users of the services provided and act as customers, but to learn from their actions and interactions as well. The best practices developed by St. Andrews University must come out in limelight from a small place like Scotland and set free for the other part of the world to explore and learn from. Therefore, the long-term objective of the University is high degree of education system to spread and the brand St. Andrews to get more visibility amongst the global crowd. <br />The business plan not only talked about spreading the brand mission and vision for St. Andrews but also the larger benefits for the education sector of the globe as a whole. <br />

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