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Marketing process assignment on Starbucks

Number of Words : 2423

Number of References : 11

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 Introduction: 1
 Starbuck’s Mission and Vision: 2
 Starbuck’s Strategies: 3
 Learning Points from Starbuck’s Marketing Strategies: 4
 Some factors of failure @ Starbucks: 6
 SWOT Analysis of Starbucks: 7
 Situation Analysis of Starbucks: 9
 Conclusion: 11


This assignment answers the following questions on Starbucks – <br />1. State the organisation’s mission, vision and the purpose for which it exists (this information should be available from the company website or by asking the owner).<br />2. What are the stated strategic objectives of the organisation? State the strategic directions that the company is taking. You should be able to ascertain these by asking the company owner/ manager or by analysing the past actions of the company in the market.<br />3. Examine the previous marketing activities and positioning strategies of the organisation. Have they been effective? Why or why not? Has the company seized the opportunities available to it effectively in the past? Why or why not?<br />4. Identify previous successes and failures in the market place that the organisation has had. Why did these occur? Was it due to external factors such as changes in the market place or internal factors? Explain. <br />5. Conduct a full situation analysis for the company using the following subheadings (NB depending on the company not all of the subheadings may apply):<br />a. Political/ legal situation<br />b. Economic situation<br />c. Technological situation<br />d. Social/ cultural environment<br />e. Ecological/ ethical issues<br />f. Competitors <br />g. Suppliers<br />h. Customers<br />i. Product strategies<br />j. Price strategies<br />k. Distribution strategies<br />l. Promotional strategies<br />m. Any other pertinent information that you feel will impact on the company or their product offerings.<br />6. From the information that you have extracted on the company in the situation analysis, now conduct a SWOT analysis. You may use a table or bullet points to explain the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you have identified as facing the organisation.<br />7. From the SWOT analysis you have just completed, what are the biggest or best opportunities currently available to the company? <br />a. Is the company in a position to take advantage of these in terms of resources, personnel, market share and financial position? Why or why not?<br />b. Do these opportunities fit with the company’s stated mission and strategic objectives? <br />c. Do these opportunities align with the company’s current client base?<br />d. Are there other long term opportunities that you can identify for the organisation?<br />e. What risks are apparent in pursuing these opportunities? Do contingency measures need to be put in place to mitigate these risks?<br />

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