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Assignment on Store Location evaluation using an example of Apple Store in Bondi

Number of Words : 2167

Number of References : 4


 Introduction 3
 Apple Inc. 3
 Bondi Junction 4
 Apple Store Bondi 5
 Trading Area 5
 Store Location Evaluation 6
 Target Customer --- Profile 8
 Apple Store Bondi --- Competitive Edge 10
 Conclusion 10
 References 11


This assignment provides answer to the following question – <br />For this assignment, submit a report on the following:<br />You are to define the trading area for your store or one of your choice and draw this on a map of the local area indicating competitor stores. Explain why the stores location was selected and comment on its appropriateness. What recommendations or conclusions would you make following your evaluation?<br />Analyse the characteristics of the trading area and profile your own target market. What are their particular needs which your company seeks to satisfy? How does this differ from your competitors?<br />Note: This assignment requires some research. It is important to be able to qualify your statements, and to illustrate your understanding of the relevant reading in Levy and Weitz & other sources.<br />This report evaluates the store location of Apple’s newly opened retail store in Bondi, New South Wales. It defines the trading area of the store along with a map of the local area indicating the competitor stores. Based on the characteristics of the trading area a profile of the target customers is created. Also the report identifies how Apple has tried to distinguish itself from the competitors.<br />

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