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Strategic analysis and context evaluation for Otto Marine Singapore

Number of Words : 7236

Number of References : 25


 Introduction 3
 Background of Otto Marine Limited 3
 Macro-Environmental Analysis 6
 Political 6
 Economic 7
 Social 8
 Technology 9
 Environmental 10
 Legal 12
 Competitive Analysis 13
 Bargaining power of Buyers 14
 Bargaining power of Suppliers 15
 Threat of New Entrants 15
 Threat of Substitutes 16
 Degree of Rivalry 16
 Resources and Competences providing Competitive Advantage 17
 Key Stakeholders 19
 Current Strategy 20
 Conclusion 23
 References 25
 Appendix- Strategy Map 29


Organizational success or failure depends on its ability to implement the right strategy. Effective strategy implementation and management enables organizations to have competitive advantage and ensures sustainability. Organizations need to constantly scan the internal and external environment to implement effective strategies, which can provide the organization competitive advantage. The external environmental factors, which influence organizational strategy include competition, political and economic condition, availability of resources etc. The internal environmental factors include organizational structure, system, staff, skills and competencies. It is essential for organizations to periodically analyze these factors and change their strategies to align them depending on the influence these factors have on the organizational performance. Otto Marine is one of the leading shipping companies in Singapore, which has three different business segments- shipbuilding, ship catering and specialized services. The company has seen consistent growth in its business and has established itself effectively in the industry. The report analyzes the external environment and also carries out competitive analysis with respect to the company. The report also analyzes the resource, competencies and key stakeholders of the company. In the end the report analyzes company’s strategy and the influence of the external factors, resources and competencies.<br />

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