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Strategic analysis of Qatar Steel

Number of Words : 3139

Number of References : 30


 Introduction 3
 Qatar Steel: Company Profile 3
 External Factor Analysis 4
 PEST Analysis Model 4
 Internal Factor Analysis 7
 Strengths and Weakness Analysis 7
 Value Chain Analysis 8
 Resources and capabilities Analysis 10
 VRIN Model 10
 Opportunities and Risk Analysis 12
 Conclusion and Recommendations 13
 Bibliography 15
 List of Figures
 Figure 1 PEST Analysis Model 5
 Figure 2 2015 Index of Economic Freedom of Qatar 6
 Figure 3 Value Chain Analysis 9
 Figure 4 Certifications of Qatar Steel 10
 Figure 5 Qatar Steel's Stakeholders 12
 Figure 6 Qatar Steel's Sustainability Framework 13


Creating proper strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition has become one of the major aspects of any company. Taking proper decisions based on strategies helps a company not only to compete with its rivalries but helps to attain good recognition from the target market (Teece, 2007). There are different types of strategic models available as suggested by different authors but based on unique environment wherein a company operates strategic models are being deployed. This environment comprises of both internal and external factors. <br />The given research study is related to the concept of implications of differing environmental factors in the case of Qatar Steel. The study will include different the use of different forms of strategic models in order to show the internal as well external facets affecting the working of Qatar Steel. Based on the findings of this research study few recommendations are also provided so that it can help the company to gain long term profitability and sustainability.<br />

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