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Assignment on Strategic HRM plans and policies for an organization that is undergoing change or innovation

Number of Words : 3297

Number of References : 12


 Strategy and structure 9
 Strategic human resource management and technology 10
 Strategic human resource management and organizational culture 11
 Strategic human resource management and the process of decision making in the organization 12
 The strategic human resource management is bringing changes in the HR job roles 14
 Key issues for Strategic human resource management 16
 The issues that are to be taken into consideration by the strategic human resource management can be broadly classified under the following (CHIEN, 2004): 16


This assignment is based on the following question – <br />In your text, it states that “Today’s organisations must keep themselves open to continuous innovation, not only to prosper but merely to survive in a world of disruptive change and increasingly stiff competition”<br />(Daft, 2010, p412).<br />If you were asked, as a Human Resources consultant, to develop strategic HRM plans and policies for an organisation that is undergoing change or innovation, what key issues would you address? In your report, you are required to provide strategic recommendations on key HRM plans and policies that would help the organisation best facilitate the change and innovation process.<br />

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