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Report on the Strategic Management of Dell

Number of Words : 4215

Number of References : 24


 1.Introduction 5
 Task 1 5
 2. Overview of the Dell Company 5
 2.1 Vission 6
 2.2 Mission 6
 2.3 Business Objective 6
 2.4 Organizational Cultures Values and History 7
 Task 2 7
 3. Organizational factors and strategic management 9
 3.1 Marketing function affect with the Dell strategy 9
 3.2 Human resource management affect with Dell 10
 Task 3 12
 4. Fundamental issue with strategic management 12
 5. SWOT Analysis of Dell 13
 5.1 Strengths 13
 5.2 Weakness 14
 5.3 Opportunities 14
 5.4 Threats 15
 6. PEST Analysis 15
 6.1 Political Factors 16
 6.2 Economic 16
 6.3 Social 17
 6.4 Technological 17
 Task 4 17
 7. Recommendation 17
 8. Conclusion 18
 References 19


This assignment focuses on a strategic management outline of Dell. Dell is the leading PC retailors in the world. They are considering on unique operations model to contributing on their customers. This assignment starts with the overvier of the Dell company’s operation and it’s hierarch which are realted with the strategic management. When considering Dell, foirst of all an understanding of vision , mission and objectives which are leading to the strategic analysis instrument with the company’s perscpective. The first strategic analysis tool is SWOT which is follwed that the internal and external factors as well. This strategy helps the organization to understand their strenghts and weaknesses. In anither strategy analysis is PEST which is nalyzing political, economic, social and technical factors are analyzed for the industry and it’s perspective. A competitive analysis is focusing the product positioning factors of price and customization.<br />

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