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Strategic Analysis of Air Asia

Number of Words : 3977

Number of References : 20

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 Introduction 2
 External & Internal Factors Influencing AirAsia 3
 PEST Analysis 3
 Political 3
 Economic 4
 Social 4
 Technology 5
 Porter’s Five Forces Model 5
 Power of buyers 5
 Power of Suppliers 6
 Threat of Substitutes 6
 Threat of New Entrants 6
 Degree of Rivalry 7
 SWOT Analysis 7
 Strengths 7
 Weaknesses 8
 Opportunities 9
 Threats 9
 Internal Core Competences 9
 Analysis & Implications of AirAsia’s Strategies 11
 Future Strategy 13
 Conclusion 14
 References 15


This report discusses about the external and internal factors which influence the strategic positioning of a Malaysian Airline company. AirAsia. The report discusses the PEST Analysis, Porter’s five forces and SWOT Analysis for the company using which the company can analyze their existing strategy and bring changes in them for future growth and further success of the company. The author of the report also suggests a strategy which will benefit the organization further.<br />

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