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Evaluation of the Strategic Management of Amazon

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 Introduction 2
 Company and Market Overview 2
 Amazon Strategy 3
 Discussion 6
 Conclusion 7
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Strategy today has grown to encompass a number of processes and variables. However, in each of these scenarios, it can be thought of as the means to achieve pre-determined goals. Although it is derived from the military, it has become a much more important term in the corporate world (Hubbard et al., 2008). Companies today are realising the need for a formal strategic management process in order to achieve the goals of the company. Strategy has become imperative for every company irrespective of its size since it contains the business model of the company during the time period in which it is developed. Therefore, in the below sections, the various processes associated with strategy management such as strategy planning, development, etcetera are examined. In particular, the strategy of Amazon is closely studied so that our understanding of its rise as the market leader becomes clear. This will also bring out the importance of strategy and its management for every business enterprise. <br />In order to understand the strategy management process, it is important to know the various characteristics of the online market and the position of the company today. <br />

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