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Strategic Analysis of Deloitte

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 This assignment is based on the following requirement –
 Choose an international corporation that you have some basic familiarity with.
 Undertake the following tasks:
 1. Do an analysis of the external environment that your chosen corporation competes in (Please note that the external environment may include both domestic and global environments).
 2. Identify the core resources and competences of the corporation you have chosen? Justify why they are the core in the corporation.
 3. Evaluate the corporation’s key strategic choices and discuss why the corporation chooses the existing choices? Please justify your answer.
 4. Select a strategy that you believe the corporation should be pursuing for the next five years and justify your selection.


In this era of cut throat competition and with innovation at the rate of eye blink it has become highly essential for every organization to regularly analyze the environment in which it operates. There exists a need for the companies to adopt strategies that can help them to survive in this highly competitive world. Taking above mentioned fact into account this particular essay attempts to provide an insight of the external environment taking into account the case of Deloitte (South Africa). Also, the paper highlights core resources and competences of the company. All these analysis have been done by way of SWOT framework. Further, the paper throws light on the strategies adopted by Deloitte.<br />

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