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Strategic Marketing report on University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

Number of Words : 4344

Number of References : 17

Popular By : USQ SWOT analysis, USQ Marketing mix, USQ current strategy, USQ marketing strategy


 Introduction 2
 About University of Southern Queensland 2
 International Market Objective 3
 Marketing Mix 5
 Product 5
 Price 6
 Promotion 6
 Place 7
 Marketing Channel Structure 7
 Action Plan 9
 Current Strategy 10
 SWOT Analysis 12
 Strengths 12
 Weaknesses 12
 Opportunities 13
 Threats 13
 Proposed Marketing Strategies 13
 Conclusion 15
 References 17


The paper discusses about international market development for an Australian University, University of Southern Queensland. The paper discusses the factors which need to be considered to expand in the international market using the marketing mix analysis. The paper further discusses the marketing channels and action plan which the university can adopt to make its presence in international market stronger. The paper then talks about the current strategies of the University for International Market Development and the proposed marketing strategies which can overcome the shortfalls of the existing marketing development strategies.<br />

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