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Strategic Quality and System Management report on McDonalds

Number of Words : 3154

Number of References : 12

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 Introduction 4
 About the organization 4
 Section 1: 5
 Role of operations management 5
 Existing operation management process 6
 Section 2 7
 Quality management in an organization 7
 Importance 7
 Existing quality management system at McDonalds 8
 Total quality management 8
 Supplier quality management system 8
 Quality control 9
 Section 3 9
 Plan a strategic quality change in an organization 9
 Objective and outcomes 9
 Time scale 10
 Stages 10
 Tools and system requirement 11
 Wider implications of planned strategic quality change 11
 Monitoring of the new system 11
 Section 4 12
 Implement a strategic quality change in an organization 12
 Qualified supervised system 12
 Direct supply chain management system 13
 Decentralized management system 13
 Organization culture 13
 Monitoring the change 13
 Section 5 14
 The outcomes of the suggested quality change 14
 Recommendations 14
 Conclusion 15
 Bibliography 16


The objective of this report is to analyze the quality management system of an organization. For the purpose of this report McDonalds has been selected. In this report the quality management system at McDonald’s will be analyzed. This report will include information on the operation management; quality management at McDonald, the changes required in the present system, the implementation plan for the changes required has been included in this report.<br />

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