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Assignment on Strategic Thinking and Management

Number of Words : 5567

Number of References : 27


 Strategic thinking and management 2
 Strategic planning & Operational planning 9
 Strategic Analysis and Strategic Review 14
 Strategic Financial Management 16
 Critique of Practice 19
 References 22


This assignment is based on the following assignment description –<br />Strategic thinking is a mental attitude which tries to keep long-term objectives constantly in mind and considers all short-term decisions in this long-term perspective. (...) When all decisions are consistent with long-term aims and tactics are part of a greater strategy, this is strategic thinking. Strategic thinking and strategic management are complementary. Both are needed. To go through formal strategic management procedures and to ignore such considerations in between would be partial and wasteful. Equally, to have strategic thinking going on only in the head of one person is wasteful and involves only ‘muddling through’ (Fidler, 2002, p. 13). <br />Critically examine definitions of strategy and its management with reference to the concepts of strategic thinking and management and their relevance in educational settings. Then critically examine the related concepts of strategic and operational planning (components and responsibility); and strategic analysis and review with regard to their relevance and application in an educational organisation. Against this background, comment on the management of finance from a strategic perspective as a key criterion in organisational performance. Your critique should be based on relevant literature and a critical evaluation of current practice in your organisation<br />

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