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Assignment on the aspects of Marketing Management & Key Challenges Affecting Marketing Strategy of the Newspaper Industry

Number of Words : 2736

Number of References : 14


 Introduction 2
 Main Components of Marketing Management 2
 Situational/Strategic Analysis 3
 Strategy Planning 4
 Strategy Implementation and Control 4
 Marketing Management and other Aspects of Business Management 5
 Key Challenges Affecting Marketing Strategy of the Newspaper Industry 6
 Strategic Analysis of the Newspaper Industry 10
 SWOT Analysis 10
 Conclusion 11
 References 13


The industrial world has come a long was from the early days of industrial revolution. As the industrial world has grown tremendously, it has become more complicated and a subject of academic study. Business concepts have evolved and new findings and ideas have been recorded continuously. Different organizations have different business strategies and plans. Marketing management has become an essential part of a business strategy. Marketing management is the proper use of marketing techniques, resources and activities by a company or organization to promote its products (Kotler et al, 2006).<br />This report aims at explaining the main components of strategic marketing management. For better understanding the report then concentrates on the newspaper industry in particular. It explains how internet has become a key challenge for the newspaper industry. Also the author demonstrates the ability to apply marketing theory by doing a SWOT analysis of the newspaper industry. <br />

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