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Analysis of the famous case study – ‘Structural transformation through E-Business in the Logistics Industry – The Case of FEDEX Corporation’

Number of Words : 3067

Number of References : 9


  Industry Analysis of FedEx
  Porter’s Five Forces Model
  Rivalry among Existing Firms
  Value Chain
  Branding Strategy
  FedEx & Corporate Social Responsibility


The report is a strategic analysis of a case study on FedEx, a global logistics system which has recently emerged as a 24 x 7 online operating organization. Coming to the purview, the case study highlights on the fact that FedEx which is a Logistics Company is rapidly expanding its operations across the world and today has emerged to be one of the largest global logistics company. The organization caters to the different needs of customers across the globe and for the convenience of which they have emerged as an online operations company. The emergence of e- business and integration of internet technology in the business processes has made the company strategic and has widened its scope of operations across the world. <br />The internet technology plays a crucial role in expansion worldwide and smoothen the business processes for greater efficiency. The essay begins with the critical analysis of industry analysis of FedEx and where it stands today in the global scenario. The porters five forces model identifies the core competencies and dynamics of FedEx which makes them strategic in the industry. The second section describes the strategic alliances formed by the company to capture competitiveness in the society by means of its branding strategy and services offered. Lastly, the focus of issue has been on corporate social responsibility and initiatives taken by organization to improve its visibility in the economy of operations. <br />

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