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Report on the success of Mergers and Acquisitions

Number of Words : 6217

Number of References : 36


 Executive summary 3
 Introduction 4
 Merger and acquisition in Turkey 4
 Merger and acquisition 5
 Telecommunication sector 6
 Merger between Telesim of Turkey and Vodafone 6
 Merger between AT&T Wireless Services and Cingular Wireless LLC 6
 Automotive industry 8
 Merger between Oyak and Renault 9
 Merger between Renault-Nissan automotive mergers 9
 Steel industry 10
 M & A between TATA and Corus 11
 Energy sector 12
 Successful merger between Exxon and Mobil 13
 Consumer electronics and home appliances sector 14
 Merger between Arcelik and Grundig Electronik 15
 Successful merger between Videocon and Daewoo 15
 Textiles and clothing sector 17
 Merger between 16 Guney-Polgat and Israeli Polgat 17
 Merger between Philip’s Van Heusen and Tommy Hilfiger 17
 Arms and Defense industry 19
 Merger between Lockheed Corp and Martin Marietta Corp 19
 Conclusion 20
 Bibliography 22


This report focuses on critically reviewing and evaluating the factors responsible for the success of merger and acquisition. The information for this report has been collected from various secondary sources, particularly from industry examples. The global market has been analyzed in this report. For the purpose of understanding the reason behind a successful merger, the success cases from various industries have been analyzed. After analyzing those factors and cases it has been found that a successful merger requires proper planning. The integrated firms need to think alike and move in the same direction. There must be an alignment in the future objectives and goals of the organizations. The organizations need to decide and find out the reason for merger and how it fit with the strategies of the organization. <br /> This report also described that human resource and culture of the organization plays significant role in the success of a merger and acquisition. It is very important to communicate clearly with the employees of the organization. The management of the company needs to be clear and honest with the parties involved and responsible. The merged enterprises should be focused on the same direction. The internal system of the organizations needs to be integrated consciously in a planned way. <br /> Different cases of merger and acquisition have been described in the report, it showed that different industry react differently, according to the demand and supply of the product in the market. It also describes the merger and acquisition trends in those industries with example of the same. <br />

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