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Report on the success of Compact computers

Number of Words : 3604

Number of References : 10


 This report is based on the following assignment description –
 From a study of the Readings,
 1. Compaq Computer Corporation: Superb Leadership, Superior technology, or Serendipity?
 2. Doka Corporation – An entrepreneurial Russian High Technology venture
 3. The DAG Group
 4. KONICA Corp
 Prepare a report on the success of Compaq
 Computers and one of the other cases provided which can be attributed to leadership.
 Discuss the significance of the entrepreneurial ideas which resulted in a decision to set
 up the organizations chosen and explain the degree to which leadership, as a system of
 navigating the organization to its intended outcomes, was effective.


Compaq Computers Corp founded in 1982 by the Rad Canion and other two Texas Employees. The company got the success in few years after the operations into the PC market. The organization has the world wide network worldwide for the distribution of their products. The organization capture the market share at vary fast rate. There are a lot of entrepreneurial ideas followed by the founders of the organization. The organization showed its leadership in the lowering the cost of their products and having the good market share in terms of their competitors. <br />Doka is an international producer and supplier of the formwork used in the concerted pouring. Doka group of Umdasch AG has branch based in Amstetten, Austria. The organization is the leader in manufacturing of the formwork products systems and designing services includes the formwork panels, slab formworks, wall formworks, one sided formworks etc. Doka’s business is based on a combination of production, equipment sale & rental, engineering and maintenance. The leadership of the Doka Corp is due to their excellent procedures and the durability of their products.<br />

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